Black, white, beige, brown, who cares about colours

We know, donations we ask for, again and again and again and we know that we´re always asking and that it is always a lot we need. Money to be able to feed our precious creatures properly, also for the block houses we planned to realize for such a long time. Money directly spend for the welfare and care of Scooby´s animals. This begging for money generally is done by our dear boss Fermín and we all know that he doesn´t like to, neither do we, but as Scooby has no other choice, he simply has to. Well, for once we, the workers, will take over this begging because we´re in need of a ´materialistic cause´ to be able to do our job, namely a car. Since a couple of months we have only ONE CAR in use for everything. ONE CAR for picking up bread bakeries safe for us, picking up or bring volunteers from and to the station, for going to Salamanca for rescue dog(s) several times a week (hours and hours the car is not available then), for use of the volunteers to buy groceries, bring dry food to the perimetro dogs, go for promotion with dogs (again the car is gone then 1 or 2 whole days!), load materials in order to fix broken fences, waterpipes, wooden houses etc. on the Scooby field, bring food to our shelter in Laguna because they´ve no car available, also take the dogs and cats for castration from Laguna to Medina and later bring them back again. We experience that it is a hell of a job to plan and realize our tasks with only ONE CAR available. So we don´t succeed every day to accomplish all the work we need to do with help of this one and only car.

As Fermín already mentioned in his update “Latest changes at Scooby” we, the workers, also were looking forward to this important donation so we were able to solve the 1 car problem. Unfortunately this donation at the end won´t come up and therefore our food problem, block house program as well as the 1 car problem cannot be solved.

Next to the above mentioned, we think we have another problem as well. We have the impression that there is a big misunderstanding concerning the donations Scooby receives. Indeed we are the biggest shelter in Spain and for that, we have to try to keep up this in all possible ways. People might expect us to ´just manage´ because we exist for so many years. Well, this is an utopia; in contrary: we try our utmost to divide the money available as lucrative as possible and always have to figure out how the best to manage financially. This makes us very inventive and that is not bad of course. But if we in future want to keep on helping out little shelters like we already did several times, this implies that we are in desperate need of a lot more money to feed more dogs and take care of their health. Also we need more workers then in order to clean these extra paddocks and feed all these extra dogs. If the amount on Scooby´s bankaccount is not sufficient we simply have an important problem in taking good care of our first priority: the animals. We find it very frustrating if we´re not able to offer the care and need we want to give them. What we are able to offer is the experience we built up over 23 years but unfortunately dogs cannot eat from experience and cars don´t drive on experience and houses need to be built with blocks.

Hopefully after reading this explanation it will be clear why Fermín and for once we, the workers, need to beg for money always. If you are willing to help us out, please don´t hesitate and do so. We´re grateful for all donations and will keep on being inventive as always. It would mean less frustration knowing we are able to keep on doing a good job in taking care of our animals not just for the moment but also in future.

Of course we want to thank all those animal friends who have been supporting us for so long already and are familiar with the ´luxury´ problem Scooby has got into; biggest Spanish shelter, existing for 23 years, international fame, so Scooby doesn´t need financial support. Not true!!!

Thank you so much for your interest and help and if we are able to buy a second hand black, white, beige, brown or even pink car because of your financial support, we´ll let you know,

Of course there is also this possibility of offering your own second hand car if you are thinking of buying another one. Or may be grandmother/father don´t drive their car anymore so the car is not in use and is waiting for a new owner? Lots of reasons why a car is not needed anymore. Colour is not important , what we dó need is a car that is in good technical shape so we don´t have to make expenses right away. And we need the possibility to load dogs, materials, bread etc. with this car. So please keep ears and eyes open and maybe you can make us very happy with a useful second hand car!

Warm regards from Ahmed, Dani, Juan, Oscar, Said, Sandra