Help for Scooby from Slovenia - Please have a look at the auction!

At this occasion we'd like to update you on our newest funds raising activity - following your
cry for help regarding unfinished construction works at Scooby Medina.

As you know, we have invited all our supporters to make or donate
items, that will be offered for money to the general public.

We are proud to announce that on Monday, August 29, we are starting a facebook
auction and we have quite some beautiful, totally positive arts & crafts
items to offer. Auction will last for 14 days; it is widely promoted
within our network and even abroad.

We will also offer some items of
our past promo activities, for small donation.

The items for auction
you can find here:

At this stage we can not really talk about actual amounts, but we
are very enthusiastic about the auction and we believe it can be a
success. We hope to be able to transfer the money raised by the end of
September. By all means we will periodically update you on the current
status of the auction and money coming in.

So please, hang in there,
don't give up, we will do our best to help somehow. Keep your fingers

And hug some 100 gaglo's for us ;))))))))))))))))

of you, praying for some serious money to drop out of the blue ;)

Larisa & Vesna & SSW Team

P.S. In September, in cooperation with our
supporter, we are also organizing special meditation workshop. Raised
money (from fee's) is agreed to be donated to Scooby Medina. More
detailed information will follow.