2 days, 3 dogs.

The 17th of August around noon this wonderful sweet red brown boy who we named Max was found at Scooby. Tied to the big door at the entrance of Scooby. A bucket of water was left for him and that was it. He is not even a  year old.

The 18th of August this skinny girl, who we named, Esmée came in from Salamanca. A wound near to her backside filled with maggets. Timid, skinny, no light in her eyes. After treatment and a good meal and water she is relaxing in her basket at Scooby.
Her age is probably 4 years.

The 18th of August in the night the police from Medina gave a call to Fermín. They had a puppy, who we named Bobby, 3 months old, a skin problem which appeared to be treated easily. He is adorable, sweet and correctable. A dream.

Please spread the word about these three beautiful animals and all the others at Scooby so we can get them adopted as soon as possible.
As you can see neglect and abandonment is alive and well in Medina!  So sad for these animals, but thankfully they are safe now at Scooby. 

Please let us know if you can help.