Critical Situation at Scooby

Dear Friends,
The situation at Scooby is absolutely desperate. Our shelter is completely full with 500 dogs and our adoptions have decreased significantly due to the economic crisis. We urgently need to rehome our animals.

In the past we have been able to rescue dogs from the surrounding region and even as far down as the south of Spain, but we are not able to do this anymore. Our contract with the region is expiring on Aug 31. This contract enabled us to rescue all dogs from the surrounding pounds and bring them to Scooby. These dogs were in addition to those who would be brought to our doors and rescued from the Medina del Campo area. We were paid 3000 Euros per month for this - however, this was not nearly enough to care for the animals that we were bringing in from outside our region. Sadly this contract will not be renewed with the region, which means these dogs will no longer have the safety of Scooby. With our shelter at maximum capacity, it's not feasible financially nor is it responsible on our part to take on more animals - we must ensure that our current animals are fed, vetted and cared for. At the moment, we have enough money in to run the shelter for 5 months. It has now become a situation of life and death for all the animals, including Scooby as we know it.
For those of you who can take our dogs and cats - please let us know. We are ready to make transports as soon as the dogs are chosen and prepared. For those of you who can't foster or adopt, please consider a donation.

Thank you,
The Scooby Team