Looking for a home::Long time Scooby dogs - part 2

Allan, Xin, Minie (now adopted), Puntos and a few other waterdogs. Please let us know if there are any that interest you.
Also here is some info on dear ALLAN - as you can see in the video, this volunteer who was at Scooby for a few weeks was able to touch him and he was very happy!

"Allan has been in Scooby for more than two years. He is scared of people, he doesn´t trust in them(I guess poor Allan has very good reasons for this). When he sees you are petting the other dogs he comes close, but with fear and ready to go away quickly. Now he has improved a lot,even some volunteers can pet him. I think he has been given so few cuddles that he enjoys a lot the cuddles we give him.Allan needs someone with patience,someone who give him time to feel secure. Once you have his confidence Allan is a wonderful dog."  His youth has been stolen by living at the shelter for so long... he needs to leave as soon as possible.