Galgos in Need Part 2

Today we want to introduce some of our more fragile Galgos, the weak and the underdogs who are living among the many other stronger and more confident Galgos here in Scooby.
Life can be difficult and not so enjoyable for the underdogs, often keeping well out of the way of the other dogs trying to be unnoticed and avoid confrontation, sometimes being taunted just because they are weak, and usually waiting last in the line at feeding times.
Most of the dogs featured are friendly and comfortable with people, and just need to be able to relax and enjoy life in a safe and quieter environment than the shelter, where they do not have to avoid the many stronger characters among them.
Therefore we ask for help from our rehoming partners to look for special homes for these sweet but delicate Galgos in Need.
The underdogs we present to you are: Flamenca, Silver, Negrita, Careta Carrasqueña, Zamorana, Morena, Dante, Miranda, and Betty.