Galgos in Need – Part 1

Here in Scooby we have hundreds of Galgos waiting for that special chance to be adopted and to put the lives they have previously suffered behind them.
Today we want to introduce some of our neediest galgos, the timid and very afraid Galgos, who hide in the back of the paddocks, hoping not to be noticed, and not wanting to be touched. 
Its very difficult for these dogs to become socialised and lose fear in an environment where there are many others who are stronger and more confident. Some of them fear only people, others fear both people and the other dogs they are living among. Some will do almost anything to escape being seen or touched by a person, some will tremble in the corner facing the wall and hoping to disappear. Others are not so terrified, but still very timid and need help to progress in a calmer and peaceful environment. 
We are calling on the help of our rehoming partners, to find suitable homes for these Galgos, adopters or foster carers who have experience with the frightened galgos, and who can help to re build their lives in a quiet and safe place.
The Galgos we present today (in order of the pictures) are – Django, Estrella, Mila, Andrea, Valiente, Perjuicios, Fili, Rosi, Betoldo, Castano, Desgraciada, Mantequilla, Noruega, Chechu, Diamante, Montero, Lorca, Rosco and Relampago
Thank you for giving special consideration for our needy ones.