Califa (Attention, the images are hard to bear

Let’s start with telling that this is not a story with a happy end. Califa is, or actually was, a little galga, hairy, with tiger stripes, and very sweet in the small amount of time we got to know her. She was abandoned in Cuellar for some time already but she would not let herself get caught. They had not told us about her because she was here one moment and there the next.. They let us know when it seemed she was hurt, so without thinking about it twice we took the car and went there, it was almost like a scene from Dante: a small dog, very young and surrounded by a pool of blood and exhausted so she did not put up a lot of struggle to pick her up. We know she was wandering around the village for several days and could not be caught but she was so done that she did not resist. We took her to our place and to our vets, who had to tranquilize her to treat her, and it was tragic to find that the poor Califa did not have an upper jawbone anymore, all the bone was gone, she had a terrible infection and she had welts all over her face because of the infection, as well as some other wounds.  We don’t know what happened but we knew that even though this situation would be unlivable for her, we were determined to do our best for her and took her to the Mediterranean veterinary hospital in Madrid, but unfortunately there they confirmed there was nothing they could do and we decided to put an end to her suffering.  Now Califa is running free without suffering at the other end of the rainbow bridge. But her story doesn’t stop here. Please donate now so we can help other animals, we need your help to help them. Sad licks, Fermin