Poor Zuki

Zuki is a small galga, very small in size and weight and she only weighed 10 kilos when she got here. We were called to take her in and of course we immediately said yes, she came from a galguero who did not want her anymore, and she was covered in ticks because her owner did not care. However, when she got to our place she did not have them anymore, the vet took the responsibility of taking them off and start treatment of her hind paws, which is the most that is wrong with her. She has vasculitis that makes that her hind legs don’t get any bloodsupply and that makes that her toes have got gangrene, so we fear they will have to be amputated, even with the heavy treatment we are giving her, with antibiotics, soothing gel for wounds and scars, but we fear the worst and all because of the negligence of the galguero. One more of those who love their dogs so much and according to them never abuse their dogs, one more of those who keep their dogs without any chip and was not able to treat her for ticks even when they were given the pipettes for antiparasitic treatment for free. Please help us, donate whatever you can right now, Zuki and a lot more Zukis need you and we can only help them if you help us. The blood works and stool tests came back very badly and they still dare to say they treat them well. Greetings and please help us to help them. Kisses, hugs and licks. Fermin

Here a mail from the laboratory where her stool and blood was analyzed:

Here I send the results of stool analysis. It is "full" with  intestinal parasites as well. The poor has everything . I would give Panacur 500 mg (1 tablet / day / 5 days), and then spend three weeks when you repeat the same cycle .
As for medication for babesiosis, it came from Madrid yesterday and will explain everything to you to give full medication.
The antibiotic needed for  the skin  is cephalexin oral. Rilexine 300 mg would be perfect, because it corresponds by weight 1/24 hours. If not you can buy KEFLORIDINA 500 mg and give half capsule every 12 hours.
Another option is Amoxi-AC. CLAVULANICO: Augmentin 500 mg; but it’s the same, they are capsules. One capsule would have to be split in two and given twice a day.

Any doubt you tell me ..

See if by removing the parasites and with two injections of babesiacide  she begins to get better !!
You'll have to keep me informed .. Send me photos and keep me updated please!
Ways to help us:
Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK