They moved and took every worthless piece of shit with them they
    had, every chair, table, carpet, spoon, bowl, everything untill
    the flat was completely empty.

    But the most valuable thing they left behind in that empty hole:
    this little galgapuppie from some 10 weeks old who actually should
    still be with her mother, but they left her all alone without
    water, without food, no soft blanket to sleep on, just nothing.

    Of course she was afraid and felt alone so she started to panic
    and cried and screamed for days and hoped that somebody heard her
    and would come back for her to keep her company. Well, finally,
    after some days, the neighbours called the police, they came and
    broke the door open and found her, totally stressed and brought
    her to the perrera municipal from Valladolid where Scooby took her
    out so now she is save in the Scooby residencia where she recovers
    very quickly from her ordeal, thank God. She could have died there...

    I really hope that the police is looking for the bastards who left
    her behind and that they will be punished like they deserve...

    We have called her Bombon.