Platon - Abandoned, skinny, saved

Last week we got one of these well known phone calls from Salamanca. There was a straying  Mastin, so we went on a 2,5 hours trip to the very end of the region Salamanca to pick him up. And here he is, a beautiful young boy, not older than 2 years probably, far too skinny but now save at Scooby.
Nilcelio gave him a huge tin of food and also some dry food and the poor boy was soooo hungry. Although I spent only a short while with him, he already stood at the fence when I left, like asking me to stay for some more cuddles. Something he probably didn´t know but liked a lot!
The very next day he welcomed me with a wag of his tail as if we were old friends. I am sure he will make a wonderful pet and it would be wonderful if he could get more and more and more cuddles!