Visiting Scooby again

A small English volunteer group has just returned from the Scooby shelter, in Medina del Campo.  We did our usual chores of cleaning, feeding, nursing the sick and frightened, comforting the traumatised and socialising the puppies abandoned at the shelter, as well as encouraging the cheeky and the playful.  Several of us have light bruises in places we cannot mention or finished the clean up with chewed mop handles!!

We were grateful to friends of the one of the volunteers who donated money towards supplies of Manuka honey, the “healing honey”.  We took several jars with us and set to work using it to tend injuries on some of the residents.  Thank you very much to the donors, this was greatly appreciated.

Amongst the residents, we came across 2 greyhounds with English earmarks. How had they wound up in the Scooby shelter?  The ear tattoos were only partially legible.  We were able to trace the first part of the tattoo via the internet only to discover that the poor greyhounds must have been sold to an owner in Spain and transferred officially to them, only for the greyhounds to be ultimately taken in by Scooby.  It is so sad and frustrating that the significant overbreeding in the greyhound industries means that that these beautiful and sensitive dogs end up being abandoned.  Luckily, Scooby will work hard to find them a loving home amongst its network.