Introduced with video – Laszlo and Melly

This is a short summary of the Dutch originals!
And so this is Laszlo, a mega shepherd or shepherd mix. Laszlo is found
together with this doggy here with me Melly.
What can i tell you about Laszlo...... : he is a very sweet big teddy bear
and he will use his weight sometimes when he leans
on you haha.. Anyway that's not bad, right ? The only thing that Laszlo
does not like is grooming. But with many treats you can learn him that that
is nice. Laszlo is a sweet dog but he needs a strong boss and not just for
taking him out. He often takes your hand in his mouth and then you have to
walk around with him, but now he will not do in no haha... A lot of
shepherd do that! He needs a home where there is a garden and a female dog
and yes lots of love also. He has lots of love to give and wants to receive it
also. So who gives this big, strong but sweet dog a forever home ?? So
Laszlo let´s hope for a bright future!!

Ok here is Melly and yes she is the best friend from Laslzo. They where
found together some time ago. So if you see Melly you will see Laszlo and
vice versa. And oh here is Emmy haha.. Ok but now back to Melly, Melly is a
very gentle dog, the only thing she wants is to cuddle. In her new home she
would like to go out for a walk and run a little bit and also maybe a
garden, but she can also be very quiet. It is a very easy dog and i also
think that she can be a beginner dog. She is very good with other dogs as
you can see. Melly is just sweet and if she wants to jump up she will do it
gently. There is nothing negative to say about her. So if you are looking
for a cozy, sweet, gentle dog that likes to walk, well, I think Melly would
be happy living with you. Ok and Melly has something to say.
Hello I am Melly and I am waiting for you.....