A dialogue between dogs.

I  would like to tell you about one of the usual dialogues between two dogs from our shelter.

Juan.- Hey Andrés, you look like the worst thing around here.
Andrés.- Why, you look like you are the worst yourself?
Juan.- no, you are the worst off around here, you are a male, mixed breed, black and soon they will take off your balls. 
Andrés.-  But you are a male and a mixed breed yourself, and having your balls cut off doesn’t matter, they told me the one doing it is doing a good job and it won’t hurt a bit.
Juan.- Whether it hurts or doesn't hurt is just a way of talking, but your problem is that you are also black and a little escape artist, your only destiny  is to end your days in the oldies’ courtyard without having known a home all your life.
Andrés.- Juan don’t talk to me like this, you are getting me all depressed, I’m way better off here than when I was on the streets, but I would like to have my own master and some company but not so many companions as we have here. 
Juan.- The truth is that I don’t understand these humans, it’s not our fault that we are of mixed breed, although I have heard that the greyhound males also have problems, especially when they’re black like you.
Andrés. – What can we do? I would love to get out of here one day, have my runnings, my walkies, a human who gives me belly rubs.  .
Juan.- I think what we have to do is howl louder than anyone out here, after all it is not our fault that we were born, but the liability of the human who didn’t care to sterilize our mother, that’s why we came into this world in the first place. 
Andrés .- That’s a good idea, let’s get started rightaway, Lola, Pepe, Matilde are joining us, we are going to make ourselves heard.
Which is why approximately three times a day all our shelter dogs are beginning to howl, you know what they are saying? It is another doggy dialogue.