This week´s featured dog is the old Neo, a very affectionate Boxer. Neo has been brought in by his owner and is at Scooby for some time now. Neo is looking forward to your visit every day, because then he can play! Although he is already 9 years old he plays like a puppy with his squeaky blue ball. And his next favorite thing is being pet. Neo is a very nice, happy dog that can be with female dogs without problems. But he can not be with male dogs, then he will start making trouble. This is the reason he is not enjoying his old Scooby-life in the garden with the other oldies. He is in a smaller paddock with one female friend to keep him company. And lately he has more bad luck; he had a problem with the cornea of his left eye. The vet is doing everything he can to save it, so we are hoping for the best!
Neo is just a great, clownish old Boxer that needs a home urgently, because a shelter is not a home for an old, but fit dog like him.