Rex and Tobi – a very special friendship

Those of you reading our updates on a regular bases already know Rex. He is a gorgeous big shepherd mix, who unfortunately has a small handicap – Rex suffers from epilepsy. He gets his medication regularly, but suffers from minor episodes nevertheless. Thus he, a young bloke, now lives with the oldies in the garden. This is more secure for him, because for one we can always see him there, furthermore the oldies notice his peculiar behaviour when having a seizure but don’t respond to it.
But who is Tobi? Tobi only recently arrived at Medina. Already a few days after his arrival he trailed Rex every step of the way, making us wondering at first whether Tobi was trying to take over Rex‘ position in the pack. But no! Tobi is Rex‘ guardian angel. As soon as another episode sets in, he won’t leave his side. He lays down beside him, comforts him, licks his face and puts his head on Rex‘ shoulder. Tobi makes sure the other dogs don’t come too close to Rex in those moments and waits patiently for Rex to get his emergency meds from us. Even when we are taking care of Rex he won’t leave his side, watching us intently, but allowing us to get close to Rex as if he knows we are only there to help him. Tobi also supports Rex when he wants to get up and is still a bit shaky on his legs. Then they both saunter off and carry on the daily life in the paddock… and we just stand there for a moment, moved to tears, watching them go on together…