The sad story of Boby

Boby is a small sized dog, 12 years of age and his life up till now has been pretty good. He had a bed, food, and most importantly, the unconditional love of his mistress. But all this changed one day, his mistress was an elderly lady who could no longer take care of herself and they made her go into a retirement home. She did not want that because she did not know what would happen to Boby and it bothered her a lot. Her health got worse and finally she had to make the hardest decision ever. According to her Boby was the only family she had, he had been her pride and joy. She got in touch with Scooby so we could find him a new home where he could be loved and cared for the way he deserved.
Scooby came to pick him up and their goodbye was very sad, his mistress was giving him kisses while she was crying, and when Boby saw her leave he started barking and wanted to go with her. It was a sad moment for the two of them.
Now Boby is at Scooby. And for dogs that have been out on the street without water or food, Scooby is like a luxurious hotel, but for dogs that have been spending their life in a home living with people, it is a lot worse. And this is what is happening to Boby, he is having a hard time because he doesn’t know why he is here, why he is not with his mistress, whom he is never going to see again, and he passes the day crying, he is so sad his life has changed so drastically.
Now he is looking for a family to take care of him and who loves him the way he deserves, untill the end of his days. He is a little dog with still a lot of life let in him, would you want to offer him a home?