LILY, a princess from the fairy tales

Lily is a little cat with two colors: black and white. She is educated and gentle, sweet and attentive, playful and very very beautiful. We could say she is the little princess of the refuge.
She is very quiet, she spends the days stretched out in her little bed, sleeping with the sound of her purring.. purr.. purr.. possibly dreaming of her knight in shining armour coming to rescue her soon, dreaming that her prince will fight all these cruel and bad people who have the fate of many many more cats like her in their hands, and dreaming that in the end her prince will rescue her and take her to a beautiful place where they can be happy for ever and ever..

But when she wakes up, her dream ends and Lily sees she is still locked up.  She has become a bit lazy because there is really nothing to do for entertainment. Even though she is still young, she has suffered a lot already. She was abandoned and if this wasn’t bad enough, because of a wound that got infected she lost one of her beautiful eyes. At some point we thought we would loose her but Lily was strong and had such a strong will to live that she got better. And that is why she deserves to be in a better place, a home where she can live like the princess from the fairy tales, where she has places to hide, windowsills to lie on, radiators to give her warmth in the cold days of winter and above all: pillows where she can lie on, dozing off with the sound of her purring.. purr .. purr.. knowing that her dreams finally came true.
Nieves Vázquez