This little podenco girl came to Scooby about 2 years ago and she is still waiting for a home. Since the majority of the podencos are alive for and because of the hunters, when the hunting season ends or they don’t “serve”well enough, they are abandoned or ruthlessly eliminated. In the case of Dulcinea, she was abandoned and she had a lot of luck finding her way to Scooby.
She is a little timid and scared of abrupt movements, but when you spend a little time with her, touching her and giving her some treats, she gives you little licks as to say “thank you” for what you are doing for her. When you take her out she behaves very well on the leash and she loves to greet all the dogs she meets, she gets along wel with her patio friends and what she likes most is stretch out on the sofa to spend hours and hours..
Up till now her life hasn’t been very good since her former owners never treated her well. Now she is looking for a home where they love her and take care of her..would you like to give it to her?