Bande-dog of the week

This week´s ´dog of the week´ is again a dog from the garden; Bande. She is not in the garden because she is old, she is only 5 years old, but she is in there because she is timid and needs to put on some weight, because in her former paddock they did not let her eat enough. And now luckily she is gaining weight. Bande is dog of the week because she surprised me yesterday.

 Before yesterday she was always in the house, lying in her basket or running away when I entered the garden. But yesterday I walked in en suddenly I felt a wet nose in my hand. So I looked behind me and there was Bande, wagging her tail and giving me a big smile! And since that time we are friends and she always comes to me for a stroke on her beautiful grey head. So she is not as timid as I thought, she just needs some confidence and time to be the happy Galgo that she can be. So the only thing left now is a home.