Peggy and Sam

Hi, we herewith present to you Peggy and Sam, two Mastin puppies we found on Saturday the 28th, left behind in one of the pinewoods at Cuellar. This is already the sixth case of abandoned puppies in the pine woods, the other cases fortunately with a happy end, so now we’re going to tell you the story of Peggy and Sam.

 Around 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, when it was raining very hard, I got a phonecall from a friend, who, wihile taking a walk in the pinewoods, found these puppies of just 2 or 3 months old, in a hole and covered with leaves. He asked me what he should do with them, and my immediate answer was to bring them over so I could take  care of them. They were soaked, freezing cold and starving, the poor things. Both of them are with me right now and just the thought of having to take them to Scooby Wednesday really hurts. I cannot understand how it is possible that there are people that see them be born, grow up and after that just leave them. Everyday the human race surprises me, I don’t know if it is a question of eduction or custom, or whatever, but there is only one way to call these people. I don’t even want to think about the mother, it is possible that she is still looking for her little ones. What kind of people am I surrounded with?!
Anyway, I am going to take these puppies out for a little while, let them spend some time in the sunshine, and I know everybody will be admiring them, especially people from outside of Cuellar and I am sure that each and every one of those people have more sensibility than the people that surround me here, and that hurts.
From Cuellar