A Secret for Dolly

Fear is an emotion characterized by an intense feeling, usually unpleasant or frightening us, believing that it can do us harm. It is caused by the perception of danger, real or imagined, in the present, future or past.  The ultimate expression of fear is terror.. and that is the fear that we see in your eyes Dolly. They say that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul and some of this must be true because when I look into your eyes and I see the life in you, all I can see is the fear in your eyes.
I wish I knew your story little Dolly, I wish I knew what terrible things happened to you, what kind of hell you had to go through, I wish I could feel your fear and maybe therefore understand that the sadness in your eyes only reflects fear.
But, do you want to know a little secret Dolly?
Fear is healed with love, because love is the absence of fear, you cannot feel love and fear at the same time. Love can take away and transform fear into courage; the courage you need to approach me and feel that the hand I hold out to you is a hand of a friend, to give love, to help, to cure and to give you back your confidence in us humans ,  the confidence that you lost one day, to teach you to look into our eyes and see reflected in them that you will never have to be afraid again.  And when you least expect it, one day you wake up and look around you and you can hardly remember this word, this feeling.. fear. That will be the day when your eyes will show the pureness of your soul without any fear, the day that you can say:  I have noticed I have no fear left in me.

Dolly arrived from Scooby Zamora already 5 years ago, she was rescued from the pound on the verge of death, and if this had not been enough suffering already, she had suffered from a something that called himself “human”, who without scruples or feelings decided on the lives of animals, taking them in without caring for or thinking of the fact that these are beings with feelings, fears and dreams and a will to live.
Dolly has always been considered a dog that could not be adopted, for only one reason: her fear. But remember, you cannot feel fear and love at the same time.
Dolly only needs your love, she needs to find somebody who is aware that she is very scared, someone with infinite patience who is able to give her a lot of love. She only needs to be understood and helped, she just needs you to give her your heart and for sure she will give you hers.
Help her!