My dear friend Mar

(letter from an adopted dog called Tul to another dog he shared his kennel with for various years at Scooby)
Dear Mar        
How are you? I have been told you have a new friend sharing your kennel.I heard the gossip that you don’t really like him, even though he is very handsome. Don’t be rude, and I most of all know that you can be a little bit rude sometimes, I am sure that Manchas is a good guy and will end up being a trustful friend. Give him a chance! They’ve also told me that you lost weight, that you are eating less and are getting more exercise, but I will believe that when I see it.
I am doing fine, I love it at my new home, they take care of me, look after me, they love me and treat me like another member of the family and they are giving me things you should try as well. They are called little kisses and they feel real good. So really it is not bad here at all, but at times I think of you, in the kennel we used to share and I would like to be with you again. I really miss you dear old grump, but please understand I cannot come back since nothing is better than a home.
I realize I have had a lot of luck, and I am sure you will find it too, I am sure of that, each one of us has their fate and yours is coming too. I am imagining you in a nice house, with an enormous garden with a good family where you will be sharing a lot of great things with because you are a great dog. Don’t get offended with me saying great, I don’t mean your size or your waistline, although my dear friend, by now you should realize you are just a tad overweight, but nevermind, let’s not talk about it because I know you don’t like to, what I meant by saying you are great is that you have a big heart and your intentions are good.

Mar, you’re a very special dog, one with an internal beauty that matters, don’t loose hope because somebody soon will discover this beauty and will give you what you always wanted, you deserve it and you were denied it once, and don’t look at me, it took a long time for me to be chosen too, and like the saying goes: better late than never. Don’t despair my dear Mar, there is somebody in this world that will make you happy and will give you everything you have been denied all these years.

Don’t forget, it is me, your friend Tul that tells you this, the one you laughed with, cried with, barked, ran and played with, jumped and went for a stroll with, who you spend your whole youth with, who you sometimes hated but who always was at your side. My dear friend, please watch because your future owner will arrive one of these days and you don’t want to pass on the opportunity.

Take care!

Your loving friend always, Tul

Mar is a mixed breed dog who has been with us for about 4 years now, she’s big, she’s playful but also a little grumpy, she’s sweet, obedient and loving, she needs a home and from here on we will try on finding her one. Please help us find it.