Bonnie and Clyde

I am going to tell you the story of two galgos, a couple so close  few married couples can compare. Sunday the 26th of february, I had been working that night, I even had the telephone unplugged because I had been sleeping. When I woke up, I plugged in the phone and received a surprise call from the police. Almost every time I receive a call from them it’s because they have found an abandoned animal, an abused animal etc.
I get in touch with them and they tell me that a manager from Biomasa had called  them to tell that they had left two galgos tied to the gates of the area where we keep the dogs, untill Oscar or Dani or any other person from Scooby came to pick them up.

It seemed that the “boss” arrived, let them out of  his 4 wheel drive, and with a piece of string tied them to the fence. The manager of Biomasa though that the “boss” had a meeting with me, but since I did not get there, he called the police. One of the police agents managed to get the female into the enclosure but the male escaped.
However, the male loved the female so much, he forsake his freedom and came back to where she was, and when he could not get in, he was walking up and down the fence, and the female was calling out to him, beautiful to see. We opened the gates so he could come in, but he was very scared and it took us a long time, but in the end he did come in to where the female was waiting for him.  I forgot to tell you that the female did not have a lot of possibility to escape since she appeared to have one of her front legs broken.
The brindle is Bonnie
Early in the morning I called Scooby and talked to Juan, and he was in a hurry to come and pick her up and see how to solve the problem with her front leg. At that time, Couto and Pablo (veterinarians) and the students from Zaragoza were at Scooby and as soon as the galga arrived, they did some tests and found that she did not have her front leg broken but that she had a degenerative cancer and that is why her leg was in the state it was.
But there is a happy ending, both of them have been adopted in France, in a home where the new lady boss doesn’t mind her illness, but she thought it was important that they would spend as much or what little was left of her life together, because that is what they want to be... together. I think that when the time comes, the male will go to a very difficult time, even if he has the consolation of his new family, but because of his new family he will feel better eventually.

A big kiss for Bonnie and Clyde,