In recent days the police have dismantled a criminal organization that earned a living to dog fights in Tenerife. Most were stolen animals, that were trained and fed with smaller dogs. A veterinarian that was in the know could have provided them with substances to increase their fierceness and strength. Some of them have been sacrificed for their level of aggressiveness.
Also in Alicante a man has died after been attacked by 5 dogs. The police were aware of previous assaults of these animals which lacked of documentation. They have been sacrificed.
We believe that some humans are those who should be qualified as Potentially Dangerous. These dogs that appear in the photos are STORM, PIN, PON, BERNABETH and OLMILLO, and they live together with many dogs of other breeds in perfect harmony in Scooby. The only difference with the others is that in addition to the abandonment, they suffer from the stigma of being considered dangerous, when the real danger are the humans who educate and mistreat them to become murderers. They are victims of CRIMINALS and POTENTIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE humans.
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