SENA – 4,5 years at Scooby!!!

Please! We are desperate! Sena has been living with us at Scooby Zamora for 4,5 years and nobody, absolutely nobody has asked for her. So sad.. She is our longest resident; not something to be proud off unfortunately. But for Sena, Scooby is her home, her ‘wonderful world’. Scooby is all she knows and all she can remember. But there has to be a better place out there! A place where her many friends have gone over the past 4,5 years. A place where she will have a special person she can depend on, with a friend she doesn’t have to say goodbye to. But where? Do you know? Can you find her forever home?

Watch her movie, SHARE her movie and please help us find her forever home. Thank you!

If you can not adopt Sena, please support us financially to maintain Sena for the time she has left in Scooby.