MIKI and his blanket

If Miki was telling this story he would have told you that he came, saw and concurred his blanket! But.. although Miki really wanted it to be his blanket, Silvio disagreed. Miki pulled and pulled, trying to take it with him, but Silvio came, sat and lay down on the blanket. Not to move again. Poor Miki, all he could now do is share..
Miki will celebrate his one year anniversary in Scooby soon. He would love nothing more than to have a loving family of his own by then, with his own basket and of course his very own blanket!
Miki is four years old, happy, playful and a little shy with new people. Could you help us find a nice home for this stunning big boy? Thank you so much!

Here a video of Miki and ‘his’ blanket: