RUBENS – one is a million

Hello! My name is Rubens and I am one in a million! Literally, I am one of the million Galgos that have been bred in the past 20-30 years. Shocking number right? I agree. So I cannot blame you for not noticing me until now.
I was born in 2011 and have been used as a ‘hunting tool’ by my former owner until he got some new and better tools and he didn’t need me anymore. He dumped me at the Scooby shelter a year ago and I must say, life is pretty good here! I get eatable food, I have room to play with my four legged friends and once in a while a two legged friend comes by to give me cuddles and a sausage. So I am not complaining, really. I am pretty happy here.
But I am curious what it would be like outside of this paddock I am living in. They say there is fresh grass, woods and water to play in, a soft warm bed to sleep in and many two legged friends to give me cuddles and treats. That sounds like a dream to me. A good dream. Not like the bad dreams I’ve been having about my former life where I sleep in a dark draughty shed and have to run until I can’t run anymore. I prefer the good dream.. And maybe one day that dream will come true! I really hope so…

Here you seen me in a video, I just woke up so I am still a bit sleepy: