Django is a very scared and nervous Galgo, who has spent more than one year in the shelter. In the paddocks it was almost impossible to touch him as he would always run away in fear.
Suddenly he lost a lot of weight, and tests confirmed he is both Leishmania and Filaria positive.
Django has spent a lot of time undergoing treatment in the infirmary, where he felt safe and calmer in a quiet place. Django now wags his tail for the first time ever since he arrived, when he is taken outside for a walk and when he gets his special meals. He learned to trust the people caring for him and we see that Django has the will to be more trusting and to be happy again.
Django still has a long way to go before he can feel safe and enjoy life without such fears of people, his health is improving and he has now completed treatment for filaria, the leishmania treatment is ongoing.
We wish to find a very special and experienced family for Django, in a calm and quiet home environment where Django can continue his recovery from illness and where he can feel safe and happy and start to live life as he deserves.

 Here a video of Django: https://youtu.be/prHbONDIMgs