We have done it again.

         1  “Don’t criticize what you dont understand, son. You never walked in that mans shoes.
                              Elvis Presley

In 2016 we saw an increase in the number of dog adoptions and an even bigger increase in the number of cat adoptions, but every year I ask myself: “when will this stop?” We can't keep on growing indefinitely, but due to the fact that the amount of dogs that we collect carries on increasing, we have no option but to keep rehoming our animals in different parts of the world, no matter where. If there is a home on offer, we will make sure we get there.
I would love for those who criticise us on Facebook to realise this. They do nothing to help animals but feel they have the right to interfere and give their uninformed opinion. They don't care about what happens to these poor animals; they just criticize the fact that someone is doing something for them. These vultures have no shame and their only method of action is criticism via social media (Facebook). We watched the program shown on a Spanish TV channel where they talked about the “business” of sending dogs abroad, which was pure trash. They had no substantial proof about the allegations they were making, only a specific case of an intercepted van transporting dogs from Cádiz by the Seprona, where, an Italian woman who was in charge of the trip admitted to have erred. From that isolated case, a load of assumptions were made by the press, whose sole intention seems to be to create a scandal and discredit the work that shelters like ours do.
We are trying to find out more about this issue, but by what we have seen so far, we are inclined to believe that the hunting lobby (more specifically, the galguero lobby) is behind all this. Everything said in these trashy programs and even in an article in an Andalusian newspaper we recently read, coincides with all the lies galgueros have been telling about dog shelters for years, all without any substantial evidence. What's worse, is the fact that so called “animalists” are doing the galgueros a favour by discrediting dog shelters like ours through social media (or at least trying to do so). It is true that at one point we did try to negotiate with them, but for the greater good (the galgos), and we would do the same again if it meant saving a dog's life.

Well, to all those who criticize us I can only give them this number: 1294.
This is the number of dogs we have re-homed this year, the number of victories we achieved in 2016. Victories against all of you, galgueros and mad detractors... We won yet again, 1294 times to be precise. And we will carry on winning in 2017 every single time a dog finds a home. We will carry on fighting that battle for them.

Kisses, hugs and bites of affection,
 Do what you feel in your heart to be right for youll be criticized anyway. Youll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”
Eleanor Roosevelt