The Dutch Girl. (By Debbie Ligtvoe, Volunteer on Scooby)

Many times when I need to go to pick up a dog, I have to explain that I do not speak Spanish that I am Dutch. But I never have problems in making myself understood.  What is too much for this "Dutch girl" to get used to, is to rescue greyhounds from the highway, to find many of them run over. In my country these things don’t happen.
And although I've been here for a few months, I do not get used to collecting greyhounds so skinny that I do not know how they can still be alive, seeing people abandoning their dogs by throwing them over the gate of the shelter or finding very close to Scooby of what could have been the scene of a horror film, the place where dozens of greyhounds have been killed.
All these things break my heart again and again. People tell me that I'm always happy but the sadness and the tears are inside. People do not see the nightmares I have sometimes. But in spite of that, I will continue to rescue them whatever and whenever, I will keep fighting for them ALWAYS! This has to stop!!