Otto – A Palencia Prisoner

To be honest, it is not easy to find a suitable home for Otto. Otto is a happy dog that should be held as an only dog in a house because he does not go well with other dogs. But that is not HIS fault. He did not choose his former owner who formed him and did not socialize him enough. He did not choose to be dumped at the shelter 2 years ago. And Otto certainly did not choose Scooby Palencia to be his forever home! There has to be a person, somewhere in this world, who is willing to take Otto home, who wants to take him for long walks and train him to be more social with other dogs. Because with people he is already social!
On the 1st of January Otto will celebrate his 6th birthday AND the start of his 3rd year as a ‘Palencia Prisoner’. Please don’t forget about Otto, help us find that special home for him! He deserves it!

Here a video of Otto in his ‘prison cell’: