Special Promo for Bull

Now you probably ask yourself why? He is not sick, not old, no mobbing victim, just one of many wonderful Galgos living in the Scooby shelter and waiting for a loving home. But with Bull it is a little bit different because I had a very nice request for him, no time to answer immediately, forgot to mark the mail unread again, then, with all the new mails coming in the mail disappeared from the screen and  my mind. Until I received a mail from the woman who asked for him, telling me that meanwhile she adopted a Galgo from another organisation and that she is sad when she sees Bull still waiting for the sofa the other dog cals his own. I apologized and promised her to promote Bull to make up for my mistake because I owe it to him.
So I asked our dear Ana to provide me with some info, pics and a movie and as we know Ana, she was there to help straight.
Here is Ana´s short character description: Bull is not shy, he comes running happily when humans enter the paddock, he is playful with the other dogs, goes along well with all of them, he is just a nice and friendly boy. Neither dominant nor submissive. Sounds promising, doesn´t it????
Would be so wonderful if any of you would fall in love with him and give him the loving home he deserves! And on top you´d contribute to a clean conscience of mine because I spoiled this chance for him...

Here is the link to the video Ana did:

And here are some brand new photos: