Three forgotten Galgos – Cristofer, Lucas & Luciano

These three beautiful Galgo males are in Scooby Palencia. They have been living there for almost a year now so somehow we think they are forgotten. How can this be?
Cristofer is a very handsome young brindle male (1,5 years old) with a special dark grey face.
Lucas is the black beauty of these three. Lucas is only two years old and is almost all black.
And last but not least, Luciano, the brown Galgo, also two years old, with the sweetest eyes.
Could you please help us promote these nice Galgos to find a home? If they get adopted by a loving family they will be so grateful! And their places will be free for Scooby to take in three needy new dogs. Thank you!
They are also staring in the Scooby webcam - Palencia Galgos: