We need help 4

We have an enormous number of galgos with problems and with serious problems, broken paws, dogs with Leishmania, Filaria, etc. etc.. even though our friends at the Clinica Mediterraneo are helping us exceptionally well, even then we need a helping hand, we need help economically, we need foster homes in Madrid for dogs with broken legs, because if we don’t there will be the moment soon we can no longer continue helping.
Today we present you the next 2 cases. Fili, a wonderful Galga, adorable with humans and other dogs, has Filaria. The treatment is very expensive as you know. And Filipo, a striking beautiful boy with Leishmania. For both we are looking for a home where they can get their treatment in a more calm environment and of course we depend on your generosity to cover our expenses.
Please help us continue to help. Please donate today. Kisses, loving bites and licks from the Scooby team.
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