Lilibeth is a very special galga from the first minute we met her in Scooby in 2014 where we were volunteering and do our work on profiles of the galgos looking homes in Slovenia and of course we found Lilibeth a great home in Slovenia.
We are very proud to announce that galga Lilibeth  became the first adopted galgo in Slovenia who works as dog - therapist.
And here is Lilibeths story writen by her adopter Branka Forscek ... :)

Larisa Pocivavsek - president of SSW

It will be two years this September, since Lili came to our home: she came to us as second greyhound, as a moral and psychological support to our Azucar, who was very frightened.
The most important thing was that the new coming greyhound was mentally stable, not frightened and scared, as she was supposed to help Azucar to overcome fear. Other characteristics such as appearance, age and gender didn’t matter at that time. That is the reason why our lovely Lilibeth came. Unfortunately she didn’t have a chance to meet Suki, as he passed away due to the kidney failure just 14 days before her arrival.
She was something special from the very beginning: at the first meeting she was calm, relaxed and not frightened. She immediately offered her head in a lap for cuddling. That is something she is still doing: she comes to a person, even ones she has never met before, she steps in front of them and yearns for cuddling. While other greyhounds are running and having fun, she is searching for a human hand.
Many people mentioned that Lili acts very soothing and therapeutically. Honestly I have never thought about certified training and becoming a therapy couple. Until this March, when my colleague posted on Facebook an article about therapy dogs.
The same day I contacted her and discussed about this specific article. Two days later we had first testing and Lili did a great job. Afterwards complete training and education went very fast. We did a 4 day training course, meaning 2 Saturdays and Sundays in a row. On Saturdays I had a class without Lili and on Sundays together with her. She was very cooperative. Lectures were educational, at a proficient level and we have gained lots of skills and important information.
After training completion the veterinary and parasitological examination had to be done.
Our next stage includes 25 hours of apprenticeship under the supervision. Afterwards we have to make final exam.
We already had our first visit in an old people´s home in Ljubljana, where Lili did a great job. She calmly put her head into senior's laps; they cuddled her and enjoyed every minute. She also showed her main skills: how to give paw, lie down and sit.
In therapeutic couples (we all work as volunteers) are dogs of different age and breed, purebred and mixed. There are as well some greyhounds in our team – 2 Italian greyhounds and a Saluki. Lili is the first adopted dog – rescued Spanish greyhound in Slovenia, who will perform this beautiful mission: in the past Lili was the one who needed help and someone to take care of her, but today she's the one, who selflessly gives and helps the ones in need.
We love her so much, our sweet little Lili