Bubby is a podenca, who was abandoned one year ago, being an old
    dog. She was afraid, we couldn't touch her, we couldn't approach
    her. We just could put water and food around the places where she was,       and it was like that for more than a year.
    Three weeks ago we got a warning: someone had found Bubby almost dead.
    Bubby was pregnant. A couple of days later on "Kiss Day",her puppies
    were born. Only two of them survived, Bubby had a terrible infection and    it caused the death of the third one.
    After delivery, we just wanted to save Bubby, to heal her wounds,
    and to learn her to trust us.

    Now Bubby and her babbies are perfect, and they are ready to be
    adopted. Muxu (girl) and Bakio (boy) are 3 weeks old.
    Bubby is 10- 12 years old, she is a lovely dog, she just wants hugs
    and dreams. We are looking a home where she can spends the rest of
    her live, and know what love is.