A transport with some delays

Nothing serious and it all happened when we had already unloaded the animals, but when we looked we saw that the tires in the back were really really used up and we could not get back to Spain that way, so we had to go to a repairshop and change the tires. This was a Saturday afternoon and there were no suitable tires so we thought we could change one for the spare tire, we started looking and found there was no spare tire. We don’t know how but we lost it somehow or someone robbed it. Luckily the guy at the Norauto shop was looking for us and found some in Turin, so the next day we went to that shop and changed the tires. So all in all an adventure but at least the animals all arrived safe and sound and without any problems to their homes in France, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia. Kisses, hugs and loving little bites. Fermin