This time, I am not going to tell you a tragic story. I just would like to apologise to all the people outside of Spain who, by some means or other, help Spanish dogs. Please, don’t get tired to do so. Don’t get tired despite of the group of brainless people in this country who cannot think of anything else but to put obstacles in our way, who denounce the animal transports to other countries without ever providing evidence for what they claim. They accuse us to send dogs to animal experiments; they elaborate alleged reports without furnishing the slightest proof, all on the basis of conjecture; conjecture solely plausible for those who have a twisted mindset or for brainless people. The Guardia Civil has investigated these affairs more than once and they have never found any evidence. The animals leave vaccinated, chipped, neutered, and with all the necessary controls. These persons aren’t aware that, if it wasn’t for you, we would have to sacrifice lots of dogs and cats in this country of ours. Probably this is what they actually want because they don’t care a bit about the animals. The truth is that I am really annoyed when they talk about other associations because I would understand if the German, Belgian, or French associations who help the Spanish dogs got tired and decided to get their aid to other places. And then what? However, what is very clear to me is this: whoever decides to talk about us should provide evidence because we consider to bring all to trial who do so. Best regards and once again have my apologies.
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