The American rock singer Paul Shortino, accompanied by Javier Vargas of the Vargas Blues Band, visited the facilities of Scooby in Medina del Campo last week. The towns council member Raquel Alonso wanted to welcome the musicians and pass on the invitation to come and visit the village on another occasion. The visit lasted about two hours and was full of intense emotions. For one thing Shortino discovered the reality of abandonded animals in Spain, something that hit him hard since he said that in his country there are hardly abandoned animals, and on the other hand he was extremely grateful to the president and staff of Scooby for all the hard work that is being done from there. The American artist promised to help Scooby to seek new partners and adopters for the nearly 500 dogs that are at the premises now, and also announced a return visit in the near future.
Paul Shortino expressed his interest in the wellbeing of animals on numerous occasions, in fact he and his wife Carmen have pledged to help, mainly in the hard work of raising awareness on the cause of the galgos. A while ago, this couple adopted a podenco through GRIN but want to get more involved in promotional work.