Thank you for the great job...

...dear people at Scooby!

Last Saturday 2 Galgos who arrived at Scooby more or less as skeletons in March were handed over to their new families. And I must confess, I was very of proud of  Scooby and the people who work there. And they work very hard by the way. Physically, but also mentally there is a lot they have to deal with day in day out. But despite of that and one could think what is just one dog among 500, they never think this way, for them still every dog is precious and worth to fight and make extra efforts for. And here you see 2 examples of their dedicated work. 

Merle was just a sight of pity as Zaza  was and both you wouldn´t recognize now if you didn´t know it is the same dog. 

Quote from Zaza´s new mum, a faithful Scooby friend for many many years:
She is incredibly special, never did I dare think that the miserable piece of poor dog in the blue basket could be such a wonderful and fantastic dog. Please give the people in scooby a big hug because the deserve it and I will keep on supporting scooby as they do a wonderful job for the animals.

Now enjoy the pictures showing them after their arrival at Scooby, on the transport arrival and finally in their forever homes!