To whom it may concern

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to saving animals, most of all galgos and I have publicly denounced the abuse against these animals, I have even received threats, more than once I have been told I would end up like them and I never got scared, and now after all this, we still have to demonstrate our love of animals .
When I thought up Scooby 25 years ago, some things were very clear to me and one of them is the happiness of the animals, I don’t like cages, even if they’re made out of gold, they are still prisons, our dogs have to be in the refuge for months or even years and dogs are social animals and need to live in groups, and that in a few cases might lead to accidents. These things happen in all the refuges that I know that the animals are not solitary, that is the price we need to pay, a high price that we always try to prevent, but I am sure it even happens in your houses with dogs that are together for many years, one day something happens that disrupts  the established order and they just fight.. If anyone having more than two dogs tells me it never happens to them is lying, I just don’t believe it, it even happened with my own dogs at home so it is very obvious that it happens more often in a refuge, whatever methods of prevention we are taking, there are always these impossible cases. To pretend that you are able to achieve that in a refuge with over 500 dogs and 60 different patios nothing happens like this is simply crazy, but it is just as or even more  crazy to pretend that it would be possible to prevent this or even insinuate that we would let this happen because of neglect, I do not accept this from anyone. Instead of giving stupid commentaries it would be better to offer feasible solutions, if there are any . Even though I have been taking care of galgos for 25 years, there is probably a lot to learn still. If you don’t like us to give them bread and cans, give us the funds to provide them with proper food, if you don’t like the fact that there are so many in one patio, make sure that you find them homes to go to, since that is in fact your task. It is so easy to spread your comment, as they say in my country: it is so easy to talk but it is harder to provide food. Pay for a president  with revolutionary ideas that will take away any problem if you are capable of doing it well, but please stop talking because the insults are easy and free to go around but they do not benefit anybody, least of all the animals.

That was the part for those it may concern, now are some general information:

During the years we tried everything and gathered a lot of experience regarding dogs living in a pack.

We moved the underdogs to other paddocks and found out that these dogs can be put anywhere, they will be underdogs everywhere. We made groups of underdogs and found out that also in these groups there will be less weak dogs who become more self-confident and show dominant behaviour towards the others after a while. In the last time we removed the dominant ones from the pack and found out that after a short while others will move up and take their position. And that is simply due to the fact that a pack of dog is and will always remain a hierarchic system with non-equal members despite of domestication. Additional, in a shelter environment without a human as alpha and not much of mental and physical challenge for the dogs, the conflict potential is much higher.
Another fact is that the Galgos have practically no subcutaneous fat and very short fur, what makes them look so stunning beautiful like top athletes but in case of a fight this is the worst combination at all. When other dogs just loose some hair or have small superficial wounds, in a similar fight the Galgos can receive severe injuries.
As we are neither able to change the genetic behaviour of dogs in general nor the body structure of Galgos in particular, we need to accept that we will always have to deal with accidents, no matter what we do. We know that the banality of fate is easier to bear when you have somebody to blame but please...stay fair.