Sophie's case touched my heart. When I saw her I felt so compassionate and wondered what she had done to end up where we found her. So small, so scared, so innocent, so .... there is no right to do what they do to these animals .... Her look hurt me in my soul. She was all alone, trembling, and very scared, her little eyes seemed to be saying, "take me with you". And I could not resist and took her in my arms and said to her "I promise you, I'll find a good home", and she gave me a lick on the nose, like in an act out of appreciation.

She was found in Medina del Campo wandering around and asking for help to everybody she found in her way. Hopefully someone saw her and called us to pick her up.
When she came to Scooby, she was in so regrettable conditions. Her hair was very long, dirty and so full of knots that was causing her wounds in her tiny and extremely thin body. We do not know whose dog she was or who cared for her, but I am glad that she is now in Scooby.

We took her to the salon to remove all those knots and prevent more injuries in her small body. Without all her hair we realized she must be starving! She was extremely thin!

She has been gradually recovering. She has met several cats and children, who she seems very comfortable and friendly with. We have been also teaching her to play with toys because the poor thing has not played in her life. Now she is waiting for that person to give her a home and their unconditional love she deserves after all she must have gone through...