Summer is coming

It’s June and I have a lot to do at work, correcting exams, giving notes, etc, etc. But the good thing is that I have to wait less days for my holidays, and I really do need them, this year has been tiring in all aspects, at work and with Scooby as well..it has been quite a  few years rescuing animals, and then they tell you that you have no idea what it’s about.
But well, there are always things like that to deal with, part of the job, so I am going to give you some news;  the donkey had a little one, a female we are going to call Marie, the refuge in Zamora is filling up faster than we would want it.

As you know our policy is to put in a bid for the recollection of abandoned animals in those places where it’s being done by a company that has to make profit, we know that we are going to do a better job and we think this is better because this way we save all animals, even with the problems of overpopulation we might be getting, but the other option , like a lot of others do, is to go to the doghouses and pick up a few, the ones that have the most chance to be adopted and let the rest be put to sleep. It’s clear that you don’t believe  that a lot of them are being put down because we now have the problem that people seem to think that they are perfectly safe where they are, here with us and we will never put them down, so now those people are going to the doghouses to rescue dogs there, because they DO have an expiration date so maybe I should start lying to you and tell you that it is true what some people have been saying about us, that at Scooby dogs are being killed every day. So we have to find them homes as soon as possible, these poor little animals. Yes, it is needed to get them out of here as soon as possible but not because they kill each other, that is a lie, but because they are adorable and they need a home and if not we have to give them an expiration date  to get them adopted. Lately we have been getting all types and colors, don’t understand why but it seems as if people, when they know the dogs are being picked up by a refuge organisation, it will be easier for them to abandon their pet, because our pickups have doubled and tripled in numbers compared to previous  years, in Salamanca we are picking up litters of cats, all the cats in the world and a few more, same thing with puppies, we even picked up a litter with three little galgos with scabies, all being treated now. I think we have to start at the beginning and try to prevent this unbridled breeding of pets that won’t have any future,  so I think we should start some campaigns, starting with a campaign for raising awareness, then from the vets a campaign for neutering  at reasonable prices and further on a campaign on implementing the laws, fining those that breed without permits. What is clear is that it is a battle on many fronts, not only on the animal rescue side. I would do it like this
-         Information and awareness
-         Making neutering easier
-         Imposing fines.
It is unbelievable that still you find signs with animals for sales on walls in the cities or announcement in the newspaper, in the second hand section, it is a fiscal fraud because I am sure they are not paying taxes and that the taxoffice is not doing anything is unbelievable. Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks, Fermin