And so we did what we had to do

And as always without thinking too much about it because if we did, we wouldn´t do it, but because of our contract with the municipality of Zamora we needed to get a new refuge in Zamora and so we did, what does not mean that when this is published on the web it will be finished. Many people spend their life asking for financial assistance to create their own refuge but we do the contrary, we always put the needs of the animals first, we make the investment and then god will provide, as in this case all of you who have been following us all those years, with financial aid, giving homes to our animals, with help in the new refuge, but this is also an important call for attention to all the animal lovers in Zamora and the province. Scooby is already the main protector of animals in Zamora, we already have a municipal kennel and now thanks to Scooby we can collect all the animals in the province as well, Zamora is the first shelter for abandoned animals, we will need your help to provide, I think, blankets, medicines, economic aid, veterinary help, so all who love animals so much in the capital Zamora, as in your province can be congratulated and abandoned animals also, now we just need less abandoned animals and that the few that are there, hopefully able to find a home as soon as possible. Writing these lines, I want to thank the construction team for their wonderful work, they have worked hard, fast and very good, and thanks to them, this refuge is reality in record time. By the way we will make have a celebration for the opening soon, but we will notify you in due time, kisses, barks, meows and affectionate squawking as always. Fermín