THe horses

Some time ago I told you that our horses were very lucky because we had been granted the use of the land next to ours, so that our horses could graze, and a good thing that this happened because right now the number of horses we have has increased incredibly. We have started of getting two mares, after that a mare and a male from Sevilla brought to us from the FBM, and this is a non-castrated male, showing off his crown jewels all the time, it really makes a man jealous, but they told us that he is sterile, that he cannot reproduce and we hope that it true, otherwise we are going to have a serious problem. Then came Emperador, a castrated old male, and within a week we got 9 more, 3 from Salamanca that were left to forage on their own so we brought them here, two mares and a foal, then from the next village came another 6, 3 mares, two of them with foal, one mare with a surprise package who already gave birth, and a male who looks to be the boss, the stallion. We are going to castrate the males as soon as money allows, but we also have another mare that come with a little surprise package so I am going to start two competitions, one to name the newborn female foal and the other to guess which one of our mares is carrying a surprise?
If you have any idea, please send it to the following email sabine@scoobymedina.com.
Kisses, hugs, meowing, barks, cackling and now loving neighing, Fermin 

We are really going to start up something involving the horses and kids, but we haven’t figured it out yet so I will inform you as we go along.

Another thing, we are looking for a  vet who will come in voluntarily to help us castrate them all, the horses and one ram, if you know of someone please tell them about us.