New stories

Not a long ago I was talking to Enrique about the possibility to get a X-ray machine and he suggested not to, since the trauma cases are rare and therefore we would not require one. Why did I even mention it! It happens to be that we have four trauma cases at the shelter just now. These are four broken legs we have to operate, one of them from a dog that we picked from Zamora, and another from the kennel from Valladolid. The fact is that we have to face, again, four difficult and expensive operations, so I have no other choice but to ask for your help once more (and by the way tell Enrique to be quiet, don’t jinx it). We will be presenting each one of the cases.
And if this is not enough, we have received a very special looking puppy (looks like a Mastin/Australian Shepherd cross) who is absolutely blind! Initially we had certain doubts because it defended very well but Mar, who is temporarily fostering him, has confirmed it, it bumps into everything in the house, trees, chairs, tables. This teaches us once more, that happiness is not to have what you love but to love what you have. It is such a lovely dog, but with a vision problem and its name is Timy. For him we are looking for a loving and suitable home!! Kisses, hugs, licks, loving purrs. Fermin