Sheila - another emergency case

Sheila is a gentle, pretty female. She looks very cute with her scraggly fur and one can barely resist her dear eyes. Nevertheless her owners seemingly didn´t want her anymore and so she ended up in the streets of Valladolid. Like so many other dogs here…
She was not familiar to living in the streets, the city is big, a lot of traffic…Sheila was hit by a car, left alone suffering from a complicated fracture in her leg. She became weaker, was in pain until finally, lucky in the circumstances, she was taken to our Residencia in Valladolid. Soon it was certain we couldn´t treat her broken leg adequately there, so we took her to Medina with the clinic on site.

Sheila had a surgery now und endures all the treatments with a great amount of patience. She is really brave. Of course she needs to stay here for a while until her leg recovered enough to send her on the trip to a loving home, but our dream is somebody falling in love with Sheila already now, offering her a nice big basket. Wouldn´t it be fantastic, if a family was already waiting for her, as soon as she has recovered? If, after all she went through, Sheila didn´t have to stay at the shelter for longer at all? We couldn´t imagine any better gift for Sheila´s future!
Please help us to find a home for her! Maybe even with you???