Our Miss Marple

Negri has come to be a part of Scooby’s inventory. There’s no way around her when you’re heading for the office or the clinic. She is our very own Miss Marple, who sees everything and ponders to solve every ‘case’ presented to her. Whether that be finding the best way to get on the couch in the office before the cats get to it, or obtaining the goodies in the feeding barrel for the dogs without being noticed.
Negri is a very smart and prudent dog. She’s not the ‘look at me I’m jumping for you to notice me’ kind of dog but rather the patient observer, who has everything under control. And in case she really really takes a liking to someone, she is the most loyal and funniest dog ever. Enrique, our veterinary, is followed by her every step he takes as soon as she sees him, she’s waiting for him to slip her some yummies which of course always is a success, since she’s very good at winding people around her pinky toe if she puts her mind to it ;-)
At the moment she’s in Paddock 4 and near the Scooby-entrance for the Clinic, where she keeps things peacefully under control. She loves spending a while in the sun or on her outdoor couch, observing people and animals passing by. The cats on the terrain are totally ignored by her.

She’s friendly towards all fellow habitants in her small doggy society and also kind to new patients arriving at the clinic. At night, when the daily turmoil in the shelter is over, she tends to soften up and has a playful moment with her doggy friends.
At all that Negri’s start at our shelter was dramatic to put it mildly. She barely survived her first day at Scooby. We found her carrying a diseased pup in the birth canal, an emergency operation was needed to save her life. On top of that her mammae were badly infected and needed treatment, too.
But she made it and right now all she needs to be really happy is a great home. Since she’s not really putting herself in the spotlights most adoptants overlook her presence. She’s also a black coated dog and somehow the black dogs end up waiting for their forever home a lot longer which is hard to understand since she is a beautiful dog and the colour of her fur has absolutely no bearing on her character.
So now we are looking for black dog lovers. Please let us know who you are! We’re absolutely sure that whoever adopts Negri will have the first prize in the lottery anyway!