Adiós and take care, big boy!

A long time ago a 6 months old Rottweiler was dropped at our shelter in Laguna by his owner because he didn´t fully match the standards of the breed and therefore was useless for exhibitions. The boy was totally afraid of men and impossible to rehome with this behaviour.  He was finally moved to Medina about 15 months ago and there, living in the busy entrance area and with mainly male workers, he little by little gained trust in this species because they all were fond of him and gave him the best reason to change his mind. Love.
He also participated in a dog training course at Scooby to do all we possibly can to make him ready for adoption. But still there were no suiting requests for him…
Until one fine day in December. The adoption request sounded already really good on the phone and after returning from the pre-check of the new home we decided that this could be the ideal home for our Rotti.
Last weekend the workers and volunteers on site finally had to say Adiós to him and that was quite hard since they had become very attached to Rotti and were already missing him before his departure. Some even had to dash away a tear…

But he and all the other dogs arrived save and sound and as you can see in the photos, Rotti and his new owners look very happy!
Today we were on the phone with them and already have  something funny to tell. They bought a new blanket for Rotti but unfortunately it was partly synthetic fiber and while his dad and Rotti were rolling and playing on it they both got so electrostatic charged that when they touched again it was like they were struck by lightning. Rotti became very angry and bit in the blanket again and again like saying “not with me you bloody thing”. Now it´s in the waste bin, the blanket of course, not Rotti;-)
The Scooby Germany team